Custom Parties

Base Packages

One hour parties. Up to 20 children, 5 $ per additional child (no charge for additional children if party is supervised by parents). Setup + cleanup always provided. Childcare related services are tax-free.

All Parties include:

- An assortment of LEGO books

- Coloring pages

- Guess The LEGO game with a prize

- Gift for birthday child

- More LEGO than you'll ever need!


1. Free build (90$)


Your dream come true, free time with tons of LEGO, our simplest supervised party  package. Groups of 3-5 will work together on a particular theme chosen by you (i.e. outer space, amusement parks, superheroes, etc)

2. LEGO Olympics (100$)

Contest with round robins for LEGO themed competitions such as tallest towers, LEGO puzzles, fastest structure, strongest bridge, etc. Prizes for top three builders.

3. Make and Take party (100$ + cost of LEGO sets)

Build and keep LEGO sets of your choice. A LEGO leader will help with tricky instructions

4. Completely Custom (varies)

Have your own ideas? Need more than an hour? Email us to customize your event!

Moncton, NB