Discounts and Coupon codes


Register for camps or clubs as a group (2 or more) to get 10% off each participant.


University Students enjoy a 10% discount on our LEGO Rental services. Organize a LEGO pub night for only 18$ plus tax!


After your first party booking, enjoy a 5% discount for life on all our party and rental services!

Monthly draw   

Every month, members of our e-mail list are entered into a draw for cool LEGO prizes, you could win LEGO sets, free parties, and more!


Book your party three weeks or more in advance to receive 10% off!

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift idea! Available for all packages.


To redeem, enter the coupon code on booking page. Please contact us if you do not have a coupon code.

Price Adjustments


We offer a number of parties and other events for free or at highly discounted rates. We want to provide LEGO experiences to as many people as possible. Please answer 'yes' to request pay-what-you-can option on booking form for more information. 

Discount policy

1. Our most important rule is that every child should have the opportunity to play and learn with LEGO. We dedicate a certain portion of our revenue to offering free and discounted parties whenever possible. If you would like to bring LEGO to your next event, we will do everything in our power to find a price that works for you.

2. We prioritize our pay-what-you-can events to community events for children. Birthday parties and adult events still qualify for all discount codes, and can still request pay-what-you-can events.

3. Discounts are only applicable to Moncton area parties. Customers outside Moncton may still request pay-what-you-can events.


4. LEGO sets, minifigures, and other LEGO toys are not included in automatic discounts. We occasionally have extra toys that we will give away for free at random events or during our monthly draw.

5. Improper use of discount codes (i.e. falsely claiming early booking discount) may result in event cancellation.

New Customer Survey

Answer 5 Questions to receive 10% off ANY of our services!

*Multiple discounts may be used together, or you may donate your discounts to the Better Building fund.

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