Frequently asked questions

Do you offer parties in French?

Yes! We just moved our services here from Toronto, and are in the process of updating our website to reflect our new bilingual home. As of today, we offer parties in both French and English! :)

Doesn't LEGO get kind of dirty?

Absolutely. Little hands are known to be full of interesting experiences, bringing with them all sorts of bacteria. That's why cleaning our LEGO is very important to us. LEGO goes through normal wear and tear and can start to look older as time goes on, but don't worry - we disinfect* all of our LEGO regularly or anytime one of our participants gets sick. :) We use natural disinfectants only.

Do we need to rent our own venue to have a LEGO party?

For our LEGO parties and rentals, we bring the LEGO to a venue of your choice. We are perfectly accustomed to doing parties in your home, and do not require any official venue. That said, if you decide to rent a venue for your event, we are more than happy to do our parties wherever works for you.

How can your events be so inexpensive?

Our main company goal is to bring LEGO to as many kids as possible. We see it as one of the most educational, enriching toy systems in existence, and we recognize that buying LEGO can be quite expensive.

By maintaining low overhead, by hiring a small and efficient staff, and by comitting to tight margins, we've been able to come up with a pricing model that supports our needs and allows us to provide LEGO experiences to as many people as possible. In fact, all of Brikbound's profit goes toward either fulfulling discount requests, or designing new LEGO ideas.

Have you checked out our discounts page?

My child requires extra attention, are they allowed to come to the party?

Of course. Many children with all sorts of different abilities love LEGO, and we are proud to say that we will never turn down a participant based on their previous social or behavioral experiences. We do not ask for information regarding diagnoses unless we must provide medication to the child. We only ask that you let us know if there are any specific sensitivities or risks for us to consider. (i.e. my child must be allowed to play alone, my child does not like to be touched, etc.)

If your child prefers one-to-one supervision, you may provide your own supervision or we can make arrangements to send extra staff to the event.

I have a gift card, but the birthday booking requires a deposit of 50$. How do I book my free party?

Congratulations on receiving one of our gift cards! To book without submitting a deposit, please select 'I have a coupon' as your party option, and enter your coupon code when prompted. We'll get back to you ASAP to finalize the details.

Do you do parties in Fredericton or Saint John?

Sort of, yes! Officially, we operate in the greater Moncton area. We will do parties in Saint John or Fredericton, but we charge an 80$ travel fee for gas and wages. We also cannot guarantee availability, and ask that parties outside of Moncton be booked at least three weeks in advance. *Discount offers and gift certificates only apply to parties in the Moncton area.

What is your policy on tipping?

Tipping is not expected or necessary, but any tip given to our leaders would be theirs to keep.

What comes in a rented LEGO bin?

Each bin for rental contains small bases to build on, one LEGO piece remover, one cedar ball (this helps maintain bin freshness), as well as a variety of roughly 1500 LEGO bricks. Each bin is worth between 85 and 100 dollars.

We keep track of our LEGO supply based on weight, therefore the number of pieces per bin varies.

Brikbound financial information

We are a small business and we are not for profit. Our monthly revenue distribution is broken down below.


First priority - Operational costs. Transportation, leader wages, toys, rent, website, and insurance/taxes. These costs change depending on how many events are booked.

Second priority - Fulfilling discount requests.

Third priority - Management honorarium. Our manager is a volunteer position with a small gift of up to 500$ each month.

Fourth priority - The rest of our revenue is put into flyers, brochures, and sometimes facebook ads. 

Wealth clause - If we make more money than we can reasonably reinvest into the above four priorities, we will organize free events or donate services and cash to other STEM education-related causes.

Revenue distribution examples (based on averages, for exact numbers please contact us)

Worst case for one month: Only 1 basic event

REVENUE = 100$

wages = 15$

transportation  = 3$

toys/supplies = 12$

rent = 0$

website =  20$

insurance = 3$

discounts = 27$

manager = 0$

marketing = 20$



Medium case for one month: 3 parties, 2 club events

REVENUE = 700$

wages = 105$

transportation  = 25$

toys/supplies = 60$

rent = 0$

website = 20$

insurance = 15$

discounts = 195$

manager = 180$

marketing = 100$

Best case for one month: 8 parties, 3 club events, 1 camp

REVENUE = 2400$

wages = 605$

transportation  = 80$

toys/supplies = 250$

rent = 250$

website = 20$

insurance = 60$

discounts = 720$

manager = 480$

marketing = 135$

Moncton, NB